Create a Promo Code or Early Bird Discount

Create a Promo Code to encourage customers to buy memberships or products. Set up an Early Bird discount to encourage them to sign up early for events. Then map these discounts to applicable memberships, products, or events. You can plan and set up these discounts well in advance, or just when you need them. The two videos below show you how to set up your discounts.


This article shows you how to:

To promote discounts, see Create Marketing Campaigns.
To process a discount at Checkout, see Redeem a Promo Code or Early Bird Discount.

Access the Discount List

To create a new Promo Code or Early Bird discount:


  1. Click Settings under your name at the top right.
  2. Click Billing in the sidebar.
  3. Click Discount. A list displays any existing discounts.
  4. Click New. Button_New.png A blank discount window opens.

Identify the Discount


First, identify the discount:

  1. Enter a Name for your discount (read the Tip below).
  2. For Apply As, select from the picklist: Percentage or Amount.
  3. Enter the Amount of the discount, for example, whether it's 15% or $15, just enter the number 15.

TIP: When choosing a name for your discount include the words “Promo Code” or “Early Bird” as well as the amount . It will make it easier to select when mapping them to memberships, products, or events, and at Checkout, for example:

Promo Codes are date-specific, so consider adding some indication of season or occasion, e.g., “Promo – Summer – 15%”.

Early Bird discounts are limited by the number of days before the event, e.g., “Early Bird – 20 Days – $15”.

Specify Advanced Options

The advanced options control the dates and usage of a discount:

  • Specify when a Promo Code starts and ends.
  • Specify when an Early Bird discount expires.
  • Both Promo Code and Early Bird can be limited by the maximum number of times they are used.
Promo Code

If you are discounting a membership or product:


  1. Select Promotion Code as the Type.
  2. Click Generate Promotion Code and the system will create a unique 14-digit code for you. Alternatively, you can enter your own code, but make sure you haven't used it already.
  3. Select the Activation Date and Expiration Date.
  4. Enter the Maximum Number of Uses (transactions) or leave it blank.
  5. Click Save.

TIP: If you distribute a Promo Code through an email campaign, your customers shopping on your Social Site can enter the Promo Code themselves at Checkout.

Early Bird

If you are discounting an event:


  1. Select Early Bird as the Type.
  2. Enter the number of Days before event start (when the discount expires). Activation Date and Expiration Date can be left blank.
  3. Enter the Maximum Number of Uses (transactions) or leave it as Unlimited.
  4. Click Save.

NOTE: An Early Bird discount is active as soon as you map it to an event.
The field Days before event start controls the date on which the Early Bird discount expires. Here's an example where the discount expires 20 days before event start:

Mapped Early Bird Discount 20 days before Regular Price Event
May 15 May 15 – 31 May 31 June 1 – 20 June 20

Map a Discount

After setting up a Promo Code or Early Bird discount you must map or connect it to a membership, product, or event, otherwise the customer shopping on your Social Site will find that the discount is not allowed at Checkout.

Even when a discount is mapped, if the customer does not qualify for the discount, it will not be applied to the transaction.

Admin, or staff with the proper permission, may apply a discount regardless of customer qualification.

Membership and Product Mapping


  1. Hover over Store
  2. Click either Manage Memberships or Manage Products
  3. Select the membership or product
  4. Click Edit
  5. Select the applicable Discount from the pick list.
  6. Click Save.


Event Mapping


  1. Hover over Schedule
  2. Click Calendar View
  3. Click the event you wish to map
  4. Select the discount in the Discount pick list
  5. Click Save.


TIP: If no discount appears in the pick list, click Create Discount to start the process described above.

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