Add or Change a Contact's Credit Card or EFT Information

To add or change a Contact‘s credit card or EFT information, you have to create a new record in that Contact’s Finance section:

  1. Hover over Contacts.
  2. Select a Contact.
  3. Click Finance Info in the sidebar.
  4. Click New.

The Financial Info page can also be reached by clicking the More tab on any page, selecting Other Apps and then selecting *Financial Info from that list.

  1. Complete the credit card details.
  2. Tick the Default checkbox to use this info for all Active Transactions.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Yes if you receive an alert message asking if you want to use the info for all existing and future transactions. Click No to update only future transactions.

The new information will be listed in the Finance Info section.

If Direct Billing is activated, any past-due invoices that have their financial information changed, will be reprocessed. To avoid this, click No and manually update each invoice's financial information only when you wish to process the invoice.


We do not recommend editing or deleting any pre-existing finance info. This is to preserve the records of past or outstanding transactions.


Instead, you can deactivate an active credit card by selecting it from the Financial Info list and clicking the Deactivate button. This keeps the details of the credit card in the system and connected to any past transactions, but it removes the credit card from any lists where it may be selected for a future payment. Click Activate to reactivate the card if desired.

This is useful for removing expired cards, or if a card was used for a one-time purchase but should not be used for purchases going forward.

NOTE: If an EFT payment fails one or more times, depending on your billing settings, EFT information will be set as invalid and future scheduled payments will fail.

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