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When your event's enrollment is at maximum capacity, you can add people to a waiting list using the attendance feature, and if the event is available through Book Me, your customers can add themselves by clicking the Waitlist button. The system automatically advances people from the waiting list to the attendees list when attendees are removed. You can also manually confirm or book attendees.

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Enable a Waiting List

On the Booking tab of an event, when you put a number in the event capacity field, the waiting list capacity field becomes active:

  1. In the calendar, create a new event or click an existing one.
  2. Click Edit Event.
  3. Click the Booking tab.
  4. If the Maximum Capacity field is blank, enter a number.
  5. Enter a number in the Wait List Capacity field (see the Tip below).
  6. Click Save.

TIP: To allow an unlimited number of people on your waiting list, leave the Wait List Capacity field blank.
To disable the waiting list, enter “0” in the Wait List Capacity field.

View the Waiting List

To view a waiting list:

  1. On the calendar, click an event.
  2. Click Attendance.


For a person on a waiting list:

  • Each entry is numerically ordered. The order can be changed by staff with the proper permissions. These permissions can be granted through SmartClient. Details on this appear later in this article.
  • The button beside their name says Book.
  • Their status is Waiting.

A log will be created when either action is taken.

The Re-Order Items Popup

If you have the proper permission in SmartClient:

  • Click the Order Number.
  • The Reorder Items popup tells you the customer’s current placement and allows you to select a New place number.
  • Click Select Reason and type a reason for changing the order of the waiting list.


This creates a log, which provides the details entered here and is saved to the contact’s profile.

Removing a Customer from the Waitlist

When you click the X beside a customer on the waitlist, they are removed, and the Removing from Waitlist popup allows you to select a Reason for the removal and add Additional Comments.

For an unconfirmed person who has been advanced to the list of attendees:

  • Their status is Pending Confirmation.
  • The button beside their name says Confirm.

Manually Confirm Attendees

If you click the X beside a booked attendee's name, they are removed from the list of attendees and the person at the top of the waiting list is automatically advanced. The system will apply any rules regarding members and residents you set in Advanced Settings.

At this point you would contact any person whose status is Pending Confirmation. If they confirm their attendance, click Confirm.

  • Their status changes to Booked.
  • The button beside their name changes to Pay Now.

If you are unable to confirm the person whose status is Pending Confirmation, you can click the X beside their name to move them back to the waiting list. However, this person will not be automatically advanced again. If you want to add them as an attendee, you must do so manually.

Manually Book Attendees

If the event is at capacity, you can manually advance a person from the waiting list to the list of attendees. This action also confirms their attendance.

  • Click Book beside the name of any person in the waiting list.
  • Their status changes to Booked.
  • The button beside their name changes to Pay Now.

NOTE: If, for example, an event has reached its capacity of 10 participants, when you add another person the capacity number will display 11/10.

Specify Advanced Settings

You can restrict eligibility for waiting lists to members and residents:

  1. At the right of your calendar display, click the gear icon.
  2. Click Advanced Settings.

In the Waiting List Settings:

  1. Check the boxes that apply:
  • Limit Waitlist to:
    • If you check both Members and Residents, non-members and non-residents will be excluded from the waiting list.
  • Give Waitlist Priority to:
    • If you check both Members and Residents, priority will be given to members who are residents.
  1. Click Save.

NOTE: The status of those already on a waiting list before you saved advanced settings will be unaffected.

An Appointment, Single Booking or Course may be linked to other such events in an Event Group. If an event is part of an event group, its individual capacity, as well as the capacity for the entire group, will be displayed in the banner.

Event Groups Explained


Consider a gymnasium that may be partitioned into two separate spaces. Classes that take place in either Court A or Court B may have a capacity of 30 students, but, because of the fire code, the entire gymnasium has a maximum capacity of 50 students. If both Court A and Court B were placed in an event group called “Gymnasium,” as classes fill up in Court A and Court B, the gymnasium’s maximum capacity could be maintained. If students book all of the slots in Court A, (30), and Court B already has 20 students enrolled, the 21st applicant will not be able to register.
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