Create a Ticket to an Event

Create tickets for events just like a product listing. Once created, you can add it directly to the shopping cart, or to the extras of either a service or an event's booking tab.

When your customers present their printed tickets at check-in you can scan the barcodes, and the system will keep a count-down inventory for you.

This articles shows you how to:

Add a New Ticket Item

A ticket is a kind of product with inventory control. To add a new ticket:

  1. Hover over Store.
  2. Click Manage Products.
  3. At the top of the page, click New.
  4. Choose Ticket.


Enter the Ticket Details


  • Name — (required) Enter the name of the event. To make it easier to look up in the shopping cart, add the word “Ticket”, e.g., Student Piano Concert Ticket.
  • Description — (optional) Provide an explanation of the event which will show on the printed ticket.
  • Price / Discounts / Taxes — (Price is required) Enter just the number of the price, even if it is zero. Use the look-up fields to find applicable discounts or taxes.
  • Available Quantity — (optional) Enter the total number of tickets available for purchase. Each time a ticket sale is made the system will deduct one from this number.
  • Number of Scans — (required) The default is 1, which you can change only if each ticket can be scanned for admission more than once.
  • Product Type — (required) This is preselected as Ticket. You can change it to another type only if you meant to create some other product instead.
  • Show To — Select the visibility of this item in PerfectMind and on your social site.
  • Browse Image / Webcam — Upload an image to decorate the ticket, or use your webcam to include a picture.
  • Barcode ID — Leave this blank and the system will generate a barcode automatically, but if you prefer, you can manually enter a barcode ID.

Complete the Ticket Sale


From the list of products, each time you click Add to Cart, the quantity of tickets in the shopping cart increases by one.

Or, open the shopping cart and enter some part of the ticket name in the product search bar to add the ticket to the cart.

TIP: If the ticket name includes the word “Ticket” it will be easier to look up.

Process the transaction as with any other product. For more details, please see Make a Sale: Access the Shopping Cart.

Print the Ticket

After the purchase has been successfully completed, you can email the receipt for the ticket purchase, and print the ticket.


Redeem the Ticket

Use the Self Check-in app to enable ticket redemption:

  1. Hover over Schedule or Activities and click Self Check-In.
  2. Allow attendees to scan their own tickets, or assist them, or type the ticket number into the search field and press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. Monitor the on-screen messages:
    • Ticket Validated.
    • Invalid Ticket.


View the Ticket Report

You can view a report, itemized by ticket name, of the number of tickets sold including the sale dates and amounts.

  1. Hover over Reports.
  2. Click View Reports.
  3. In the searchbar at the top of the sidebar, type ticket.
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