Creating an Advanced Reservation


This feature is enabled for all Parks & Rec clients. Non-Parks & Rec clients can add this feature by contacting their PerfectMind representative.


A new navigation menu under the Facilities tab allows you to easily reserve events that cover multiple days and multiple venues within your organization. See your facilities schedule in two views: Availability View, and Timeline View, which can be reached by clicking the buttons in the top right corner of the page.

This article describes the components of Advanced Reservation:

Availability View


This view shows facilities that are associated with at least one service, and are added to at least one Facility Booking calendar. These appear vertically on the page and the days and dates of their schedules appear horizontally.

Search and Filter

The left panel allows you to search and filter the results that appear in the main view. The “hamburger” icon allows you to collapse and expand the left panel.

Search Parameters

Searching by Keyword allows you to search by facility name and contract ID. If you enter the exact contract ID it opens the Reservation Cart popup, where you can follow the processes mentioned here to add or change a reservation.

Filter the Availability View according to available calendars, services, locations, facility types, and amenities. Click the Today button to begin your search for availability as of today’s date. This populates the Starting From date in the filter area and also considers the days of the week that have been checked.

Availability Search sets time range and duration of available time, starting from a particular date for particular days of the week.

In this example we are searching between 8:30am and 11:30pm for available booking blocks that are one hour in duration, from Mondays to Thursdays. We are searching All Services and All Facility Types.


Under Filter by, filter the results that appear in the availability view. Filter by Calendar, Services, Locations, Facility Type, and Amenities.

While in Advanced Reservation, the main Location Picker, which is usually in the header, is moved to the side panel. By default, the Locations piker shows all available location options. Click the link to check the existing locations off or on and click Done when finished.

When you select a calendar, it filters and shows only the services, facility types and amenities for that calendar.


Making Selections

Any selections you have made in these filters will appear in the panel.


If you have made selections, and click to reopen the filter, your previous selections will appear checked at the top of the list.


When you click away from a filter popup, the system will filter the calendar according to your current selection(s).

When you click the header, any selections you have made in the filter will move to the top of the list.


The filter popup will remain open until you click Done.




Click the facilities link in the top left corner to customize the available facilities for the selected calendar and/or service(s).


The facilities, and the order in which they appear, depend on what was previously set for that calendar. The facilities and the order in which they appear, depend on what was previously set for the service or services which are selected.
The system remembers the facility groupings and the order of facilities that were set when a calendar is selected. The next time the same calendar is selected, the same groupings will be set.

If one calendar and one service are selected, whatever grouping and order is set, this is shared with the Planner.

For more details, review Customize the Calendar Display of Staff and Facility Groupings


View Days in the Past

If the selected Starting From date occurs in the past, you may navigate into past days up to that date. This show events that occurred between the Starting From date.

Saving Settings

When you navigate away from Advanced Reservations, your last view and settings will be remembered.

Your view and settings will not be remembered if you started in one browser and opened in a new browser, (for example, starting in Safari and opening in Firefox as well.)

If you have checked any filters under a heading, click Done and go back to see the list is re-ordered with your checked items at the top.

Color Coding in the Availability View


The time period is set by the duration filter. When at least one available time period, but not the entire time range, is available at the facility for that day, the block appears orange. This is based on the value in the Duration filter. If no duration is requested, any available blocks will appear orange.


When the entire time range is available, as selected in the Availability search parameters, the block appears green.


When at least one available time period, as set by duration filter, is not available within the time range, the entire range appears grey. These blocks do not fit the Availability search parameters currently set on the left column.



For Facility Booking calendars, when the start and end date of a session are different, both will appear in the event popup. The number of hours and minutes of the reservation appear beside the registered time.

If you have checked Use Check In/Out Time for Reservations under the attached service, the number of nights of the reservation appear beside the time, instead of the number of hours and minutes. If you have not checked Use Check In/Out Time for Reservations under the attached service, and the reservation is for a period greater than 24 hours, the number of days of the reservation will appear beside the time, rounded up to the nearest whole day.

For example, Dec 5th at 6pm to Dec 7th at 10am is a duration of 40 hours, which will appear as “(2 days)” in the popup.

This detail is particularly useful for long-term continuous reservations.


Availability View with Timeline Popup

When you click any available block, a popup will appear over the calendar showing finer detail of that facility’s availability during the selected time. Events that are currently booked for this facility, or are booked for facilities that have this facility as a dependent, appear in the calendar in the color that is associated with the calendar they are booked under.


Regarding Dependent Facilities

Some facilities are dependent on others. For example, there may be a Main Gym at your location, which is divided into Court A and Court B. An event may book either the Main Gym, or either Court A or Court B. When a reservation is requesting Court A, the availability of the Main Gym must be considered. When a reservation is requesting the Main Gym, the availability of Court A and Court B must be considered.


Existing events, such as single bookings, appointments, courses, or facility reservations, also look at any dependent facilities that may already be booked. When the main facility sets an event, it also blocks off any dependent facilities that are a part of the main facility.


Click the Show Cancelled Events link to show all events that have been previously cancelled. They appear crossed out and do not impact the scheduling of new events.


When cancelled events are shown, the link then reads, Hide Cancelled Events. Clicking this will hide the cancelled events. By default, cancelled events will be hidden.



Timeline View


At a glance, this view shows all existing events, such as single bookings, appointments, courses or facility reservations, which connect with the facilities you have selected in your search. Remember that this includes any events that take place in facilities that are dependents of the facilities in your search. (See the note, “Regarding Dependent Facilities.”) Facilities appear vertically on the page and the days and dates of their schedules appear horizontally.

Scroll bars allow you to navigate across the available days and through the available facilities of the selected calendar.

If you enter the exact contract ID it will open that contract on another page. Filter the Timeline View according to the Starting From date and time, available services, facility types, and amenities.


Click the Today button to begin your search for availability as of today’s date. This populates the Starting From date in the filter area and also considers the days of the week that have been checked.



Existing reservations appear in the color that is associated with the calendar they are associated with. Click them to see details of the previously-reserved booking.


Click the Show Cancelled Events link to show all events that have been previously cancelled. They appear crossed out and do not impact the scheduling of new events.


When cancelled events are shown, the link then reads, Hide Cancelled Events. Clicking this will hide the cancelled events. By default, cancelled events will be hidden.



Making a Reservation


Click an empty spot on the timeline popup to open an Advanced Reservation Popup window. The time will be pre-populated based on where you clicked.


Fill out the reservation window, including the associated Client, Contract name, Service, either a Start/End date and time, or a start Time/Duration and a Facility/Location.


You can search for a name, account, contact ID #, or phone # in the Client area by entering at least three characters.




If the service is tied to more than one calendar, you must also select the calendar.


Select the # of Guests that will attend the course. This field is mandatory.

Regarding the Number of Guests

When Add Reservation is clicked, the system will check the minimum and maximum capacity of all facilities associated with the course, and the capacity of the service. If both a max facility capacity and service capacity is setup, the check will use the lower of the two.

If any of the facilities require greater or fewer guests according to their requirements, and if the user has the appropriate permissions to create potential reservation conflicts, a pop up will give the opportunity to Proceed with Reservation or Resolve Capacity Conflicts by returning to the reservation window and changing the number of guests. If the user does not have the appropriate permissions, they will be required to resolve the conflicts and not be given an option to proceed without adjustments.


If the user chooses to resolve the capacity conflict, the facility or facilities that have issued the capacity conflict will appear red in the window. A message will appear beside the facility in question, showing the minimum and/or maximum capacity allowed. The user must hover over this icon beside the facility to see the message.

Changing the service after reservations have been added will remove those reservations from the Reservation window.

If you have an active advanced reservation in your cart, clicking elsewhere on the timeline to start another reservation pre-populates the Client and Contract Name fields and the new reservation(s) are added to the Reservation Cart.

Adding a Reservation:


Click Add Reservation to include an additional reservation for a facility. This will use the same client and contract details and populate the same start and end times, as well as the repeat pattern you select below.

Begin by selecting a Facility/Location for the new reservation, either by checking the box beside the locations that are associated with the current reservation, or by searching in the box above. You can check multiple facilities to add multiple facility reservations at one time.

Each new reservation in the Advanced Reservation Popup window can have its own unique start and end times. If the main start and end time are adjusted, all reservations in the window will adopt those changes.


Include the desired repeat pattern of the reservation.

Advanced Reservations can be made using a Custom Repeat Pattern.

  1. Select Custom from the Repeat dropdown.


A calendar shows the month of the event start date, and the following month. The user can search through months for up to one year from the start date. If no start or end date is selected in the Event tab, the months shown will be the current month and the next month.

  1. Click a date to add it to the repeat pattern. The date will turn green.

Click the Add # Reservation(s) button.


A number appears in the Add Reservation button, which reflects the number or unique reservations you have made in this window. These will be added to the Reservation Cart.


In the Reservation popup click the View Session link to review the Reservation Sessions List, which shows all sessions in that reservation. You may change the start or end time for an individual session and the system will calculate new session and extras fees based on the new duration, taking into account all fees for which the logged in customer is eligible. If any conflicts occur due to date, time, or facility, their box will be highlighted in red and you must either make a change or proceed with the conflict unresolved.

If changes to start or end time create conditions where no qualified fee is available for any given part of the duration, a popup will state that there are no qualified fees for some of the session changes. Sessions with no qualified fees will be highlighted in the View Session popup.

If the service connected with your Advanced Reservation has a questionnaire attached, it will pop up at this point and can be filled out.

  • Click Cancel to return to the Advanced Reservation popup window and the reservation will not be added.
  • Click Proceed to allow PerfectMind to validate all required questions. All answers will be saved to each reservation.

If multiple registrations are in the contract the questionnaire will only appear once but it will apply to all registrations. Go to the Agreement page to edit individual questionnaires.

How Fees Apply to a Session that has Moved

After an event is created, staff may choose to return and move one of the sessions to a different date or time. This can happen in any view, including Custom Repeat pattern. When this happens, the newly-changed session will take on the fees that are associated with the new day, time, and circumstance.

For example, a Monday session is moved to Sunday. Weekend fees, in this case, are different so the new session fee is calculated based on Sunday’s fees.

However, if the event holds a fee for each session, and staff attempts to move a session to a day that holds no fees, a message appears telling staff that “None of the Fees on the Series can be applied. Event cannot be saved.” The attendee cannot change the date/time of the session and must make another change.

When you save the changes made to the reservation, the new fees will appear in the booking tab, and in other places that display the fees.

Regarding Alerts

If any alerts are generated during the reservation process, they will appear in the lower corner of the page. It will include the client name or the facility name, depending on what the alert refers to. More than one alert may appear for a given facility or client.


Reservation Cart


Each reservation that is added to a contract is counted in the Reservation Cart. Click it at the top of either availability or timeline view to open the cart and review your reservations. This shows all the details of the advanced reservations you’ve made.

  • Click the Pencil icons to change the Client or Contract Name.
  • Click the Contract Extras link to see an editable list of Required and Optional Extras, which are associated with the current contract.

Only product extras can be added at the contract level.

  • Click to edit the Quantity, or Price of an extra. The Total will change accordingly.
  • Click an X to remove the extra from the contract.
  • If you wish to add the required extra back onto the list, or if you wish to add any optional extra, including a security deposit, click the Add Another Extra link.

The total of all contract extras is displayed at the bottom of the window.

  • Click an X icon to exclude a reservation.
  • Click a View Session link to view details of the reservation, including the Start and End Date and Times, the Instructor, and the Location.
    • The End Time listed is based on the preset duration of the block that was reserved. Click the Customize link to manually set a duration.

Fees and Extra Fees Details

Click the Fees Total and Extra Fees Total to review their Fees Breakdown pop ups.

Fee Details

The Fees popup shows the fees that were used to calculate the fee total. Click the Fee Breakdown link to see how the fees were divided. The fees are calculated according to the Start and End days and times requested. If you change a fee in the settings, it will automatically change associated session fees unless they have been customized.


You can overwrite the calculated Session Fee by entering a new value. If the client qualifies for more than one fee for a given reservation, the cheapest fee will appear. If they qualify for a combination of fees, both fee names will appear.


An icon appears beside the changed fee to let you know that the calculation is no longer based on the set rate. To reconnect the fee with the pre-set rate, return the value to its original amount.

Click Save to check the reservation’s validity, to ensure that a fee exists for all requested times. If some portion of the reservation does not include an associated fee, a message will appear that “You have durations that are not covered by the fees you have selected. Please choose fees that are valid for all session durations.”

Close the popup to review the sessions that do not have fully resolved qualified fees for the entire duration. These will be highlighted and you will be unable to save. Click Close to close the popup and lose your changes or change the timing of the session(s) and click Save.

Extra Fees Details


When you click the Reservation Extra link, a popup allows you to add, remove and change extras for that reservation. There are two types of extras: Required, and Optional.

All items under Required Extras have been identified as necessary additions to the reservation of a facility or service. You can change the Quantity, and Price/Item. You can also remove a required extra, if you have the permissions to do so. Click the Customize link beside each extra to change the particulars of that extra.

If you remove a required extra and wish to return it to the list, click Add Another Extra and find what you removed. Adding these extras back will place them into the “Required” section. All other added extras are grouped under “Optional”, regardless of whether they are set up on service or facility.

Add an Extra

When you click Add Another Extra, if your organization contains multiple locations, the list of extras under Memberships, Products and Equipment includes the location to which the item is associated. Only extras that belong to the location of the facility associated with the reservation will show here.

Clicking Done will prevent adding additional reservations to the contract from the Advanced Reservation Popup window, and clear the Reservation Cart. This allows you start another contract without leaving Advanced Reservations. Click the reservation event in the timeline to go to its contract.

Click the Contract button to go to the Contract Page which shows all reservations that exist for that contract and allows you to continue working on that contract. This also clears the Reservation Cart.

Editing the Series/Session

On the Event Tab

If you need to edit the series or session, you are not able to change the service that is associated with the activity.

On the Booking Tab

The total Fee for these reservations appears at the top of the tab. Click the fee to see fee details.


Click the Fee Breakdown link to see how the various fees that apply to the reservation are broken down.

If no fee was available for the reservation, the total Fee shows “N/A.” When you click the fee, the rates that apply to that service will appear. At this time, you cannot pay for the contract here.

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