Create a Wait List Auto Email Workflow Using SmartClient


SmartClient allows you to set up an auto email generator to send emails to clients under specific circumstances. In this case, we will create an auto email generator for clients who have created or updated their record. The process begins in SmartClient and is completed in PerfectMind.

In SmartClient:


  1. Under Setup, select Development and then Workflows.
  2. Click New to select an available object that you would like to target.


Set the Criteria:

  1. Set the Object to Attendance.
  2. Set the workflow name: Wait List – Pending Approval
  3. Check the box to Activate this rule.
  4. Check the box to set the criteria of the rule: When a record is updated.
  5. Set the Frequency to Anytime the criteria is met.
  6. Click Next.


Create a Rule for the workflow:

  1. Click New.

  1. 4_Step_10.jpg
  1. Set Rule Name to Pending Confirmation
  2. Set the following target:
    1. Field = Allow RSVP Email
    2. Operand = Equals
    3. Value = Pending Confirmation
  3. Set the Action Type as Insert.
  4. Set the Object
  5. Click Add Action.
  6. Set the Recipient.
  7. Set the SMTP Account.
  8. Create the Email Template:
    1. Name
    2. Subject
    3. Body

In PerfectMind:


  1. Under your name, click Settings.
  2. Under Apps, select Automations.
  3. Find the workflow we have just created, called Wait List – Pending Approval
  4. Click the toggle to enable or disable the workflow.
  5. Click the workflow or its arrow to review it.
  6. Click the template file to review the details of the template.
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