Print a Tax Receipt

You can generate tax receipts with details of the events that a customer has paid for.


This article shows you how to:

Access the Tax Receipt

You can find the Tax Receipt Reports in the Financials folder, or simply use the report search feature.


1. Hover over Reports and click View Reports.
2. In the search bar, type the word Tax.
3. Click the result called Tax Receipt.

If you think you’re going to use either of these reports often, open the Financials folder and click the star beside Tax Receipt to mark it as a favorite.


Filter and Group the Tax Receipt

This allows for a wide range of filtering and display options, allowing you to select what you want to see. Select the Tax Year you wish to view, and enter the Client number.


Select from the Show drop down to select what additional columns you wish to show in the report, including Birthday, Subtotal and Tax.

Click Yes beside Save Filter Selection to save the current configuration of filters. If you leave the report or log out of PerfectMind, when you return your filter selections will remain.

4. Click Preview to generate the report.

Preview the Tax Receipt

The tax receipt header shows your organization’s Tax ID, which you will need to set under Website Elements. See the article Create, Edit, and Insert Website Elements for more details on that process. The header also shows the selected tax year, the name and address of the client the receipt is being issued to, the date the receipt was issued on, the amount due, the tax due, and the amount paid.

The receipt is divided by Programs and Memberships. Under each heading, find the Program, Attendee, Start/End Dates, Classes, Hours, Payment Date, and Total. If you have selected them under the Show drop down list, you will also find Birthday, Subtotal, and Tax.

Export or Print the Tax Receipt

Click the Printer button to print the audit, or click the arrow beside Export to the selected format to export the report as a PDF, CSV or other digital format.

Access Tax Receipt from the Client Page

You can print a tax receipt right from the client page.

  1. Under the Clients tab, select Manage Clients.
  2. Click the client’s record on the list.
  3. Access the Tax Receipt by either:
    • Clicking the arrow beside the Promote button and selecting Tax Receipt.
    • Hovering over the Actions area at the end of a client’s record and selecting Tax Receipt.
  1. Select a client from the list.
  2. Select a Tax Year from the popup.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Continue to create the tax receipt as stated above.
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