The Facility Contract


This describes the different sections that make up a contract. This document is completely customizable. You may wish to include all or some of these sections, or create templates that show only particular sections. Contact PerfectMind to determine which of the following sections you wish to include.

The Facility Contract is broken into the following sections:
Contract Section
Client Information Section
Facility Rental Summary Section
Facility Section
Facility Fees Section
Extra Fees Section
Extra Fees Details
Fees & Extras Summary
Invoice Section
Contract Total Section
Click to Sign Area
Questionnaire(s) Section

Contract Section


The Contract section contains the Contract ID, its current Status, the Date, and the staff member the contract was Prepared by.

Client Information Section


The Client Information section includes the client’s Name, Email Address, Account (if available) Phone Number, and Address.

Facility Rental Summary Section


The Facility Rental Summary shows the following information:

Repeat: The repeat pattern of the facility booking. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, Custom). If the facility has no repeat pattern, ie, is only being rented once, this space will be blank.
Facility: The facility which is being booked.
Day: The day(s) on which the facility is booked. If the Repeat Pattern is Day or Custom, this space will be blank.
Start: The start time of the event in the series.
End: The end time of the event in the series.
Date Range: The date of the first session and the date of the last session. The period between these days is the date range.
# Sessions: The total number of sessions being booked.
Event ID: The event ID of the event being booked.

Facility Section


The Facility Section includes a breakdown of the Facility, Date, Day and Time of the reservation, the Fee(s) and the Subtotal. If more than one fee applies to a given reservation, it will be broken down by time, with its own Fee and Subtotal. The Fee will include the type of fee.

Facility Fees Section


The Facility Fees section includes the Name of the facility attached to each booking, the Subtotal of the booking that was derived from that facility, any Discount that may apply (hidden if there are no discounts), the Tax, the Total Price, and the Number of Bookings, or sessions in the series. If you applied a discount it will appear here.

Extra Fees Section


The Extra Fees section shows the Name of the extra, the Quantity and Unit Price, the Total Usage in which the extra will be used, and the Subtotal, Tax, and Total Price for the individual extra. The order in which the extras appear will match the order in which the bookings appear in the Facility Fees section.

These extra fees may be requirements of a reservation or session in the contract, or something added when the contract was created. If the contract is updated and a reservation is removed, its associated extras will also be removed. If all reservations and their associated extras are removed, any additional extras that were added independently of the reservations will remain on the contract.

The same extra may appear more than once if that extra was booked for more than one event within the contract.

Extra Fees Details Section

This is broken into sections:


Extras per Contract: If the contract contains equipment extras related to specific reservations, this section shows details of those extras. If more than one reservation contains equipment extras, each reservation will be given a separate heading for those extras. Details include the reservation name, the date and time, field used, name of the equipment extra, quantity, unit price, total usage, subtotal, tax, and total price.

  • Extras per Reservation: If the contract contains product extras related to specific reservations, this section shows details of those extras. If more than one reservation contains product extras, each reservation will be given a separate heading for those extras. Details include the title of the series to which the extras as associated and the date(s) of the series.
Facility & Extras Summary Section


This section shows details of the facilities and extras contained in the contract. This shows the field used, the date, day and time of use, facility fees, extra fees, any discounts, tax, and the total.

Invoice Section

This shows the Due Date, Amount, and Remaining Balance of the contract.

Contract Total Section


The Contract Total Section shows the the Rental Fee, Rental Tax, Extra Fee, Extra Tax, and the Total with Tax.

Click to Sign Area


At the bottom of the contract, tap or click the Click to Sign area to add a signature. for information on how to send the document to another device to be signed by the customer, see the article, Share Document with Self-Signature.

Questionnaire(s) Section

When a facility reservation is created, depending on the services, activities (events), and/or extras which are related to the booking, the customer may be required to complete one or more questionnaires. You may wish to show the content of these questionnaires in the associated facility contract, so that you and your customers have a printed record of them.

Questions and answers, which are related to the services or events in the contract, will appear at the bottom of the facility contract. Only questions which have been answered will appear.

Questionnaires will be grouped according to the service or event by which they are associated. If a questionnaire was answered more than once and the same answers were given for every question, because a service or event was booked more than once, the questionnaire, and its answers, will only appear once. If even one answer differs between repeat questionnaires, the entire questionnaire, and its answers, will appear again.

Including the Questionnaire Section in your Facility Agreement Document

To ensure that questionnaires and their answers appear in your facility contract, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Facility Booking Agreement system template, switch to HTML view, and one at a time, copy & paste each of the following sections into a client-specific facility agreement document:
  • Formatting near the top of the HTML code:

  • HTML code for the addition of the Questionnaire(s) section, near the bottom of the HTML code:

  1. Save changes.
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