Print an Appointment Attendance Sheet

This report gives you the ability to print an attendance sheet which allows instructors to take attendance and provide them with certain details about the attendees.


This article shows you how to:
Access the Appointment Attendance Sheet
Filter and Group the Appointment Attendance Sheet
Export or Print the Appointment Attendance Sheet

Access the Appointment Attendance Sheet

You can find the Appointment Attendance Sheet in the Scheduling and Activities folder, or simply use the report search feature.

  1. Hover over Reports and click View Reports.
  2. In the search bar, type at least three letters of the word Appointment.
  3. Click the result called Appointment Attendance Sheet.

If you think you’re going to use either of these reports often, open the Scheduling & Activities folder and click the star beside Appointment Attendance Sheet to mark it as a favorite.


Filter and Group the Appointment Attendance Sheet


Click the Filter button to access the filter options.


The Appointment Attendance Sheet allows you to generate attendance sheets for events under the Appointment calendar type. The appointments are grouped by day and location, and can be further grouped by the calendar or service of the event.
You can filter the appointments included in the report by using the filter fields for Date Range (From and To dates), Category, Calendar, Service, Staff, or Location.

Under Family Relation Type, select the relation(s) that may appear in the Authorized Contact column. These relationships are for people who are in the same family or corporate account as the attendee of the event. You can define these relationships by going to the detail page of the attendee and seeing the list of other contacts in the same account. From there you can add a relationship if none are defined, or change an existing one.

From the Show drop down list, you can also add the attendees’ Authorized Contact, Age, Event Name, Status, Calendar, Service, Print Name, and Contact Location.

  1. Click Preview to generate the report.

Check the box under Save Filter Selection to save the current configuration of filters. If you leave the report or log out of PerfectMind, when you return your filter selections will remain.

Export or Print the Attendance Sheet

Click the Printer button to print the audit, or click the arrow beside the Export button to the selected format to export the report as a PDF, CSV or other digital format.

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