Review Your Contact's Memberships

At the top of a Contact's profile are their current and past memberships. You can renew, view, or cancel a membership with the simple click of a button.

This article shows you how to:


View a Contact's Memberships

A Contact's color-coded memberships are displayed at the top of their profile page:

  1. Hover over Contacts/Clients.
  2. Click Manage Contacts/Clients.
  3. Click the name of the profile you would like to view.

When more than five memberships are active, they appear in a carousel at the top of the client’s page. Cycle through them to see all of the current memberships without having to review the Membership tab in the side panel.


Read a Membership Tile

Membership boxes or tiles display expiry dates, transaction details, membership stats, etc. Each color has a different meaning:

  • Green: This active membership is in good standing. It is neither expiring soon, nor delinquent.
  • Orange: This active membership is going to expire in the next 14 days, or has 2 or fewer classes remaining.
  • Red: Payment on this active membership is overdue. The contact has missed one or more payments.
  • Grey: This color can indicate that it is:
    • Scheduled: The membership starts at a later date.
    • Cancelled: The membership was terminated, or it has expired.
  • Ends: The expiry date.

The icon buttons at the bottom of the membership box help you perform popular functions:

MembershipIcon_Print.png Print: Print the transaction record of this membership. Clicking this button displays a list of available templates.
MembershipIcon_Renew.png Renew: Click to instantly populate the shopping cart with the membership item and the member's name.
MembershipIcon_Terminate.png Freeze or Terminate: Suspend or cancel any scheduled invoices as long as the account is in good standing. Otherwise you must either collect or forfeit overdue invoices first.
MembershipIcon_Family.png Manage Family Access: Change or add access to additional services for each family member.

To Purchase a Membership


From the client’s page, click the Buy Membership button, select a membership from the list, and click the Buy Now link.

This button appears once permission is set in SmartClient, under View Permission to Membership Object.

When a contact is already signed in, the lowest fee that they qualify for will appear as the membership’s fee. If more than one fee is assigned to a membership, it will appear in the dropdown list when you search.


Membership Properties Tab

When a membership is selected from the list, a pop up appears. Default values for Membership Activation Date, Membership Expiry Date, Number of Sessions, Payment Plan, Down Payment and Payment Start Date are already entered and may be changed.


If a contact is not already assigned, add their name in the Primary Member field. Either begin entering a name in the text field and then select from the list that appears, or click the Add Contact button and create a new contact profile.


If applicable, click the dropdown menu to Choose a Fee.


If the user has permission to modify fees, they can change the fee manually. If the contact is not signed in, or if the contact does not qualify for any fees, all possible fees for the membership will appear. If the user has permission to modify fees, they can select the appropriate fee manually. If the user does not have permission to modify fees, if the user attempts to select a fee which the member does not qualify for, a message warns them that the fee is invalid. The button to continue the process also disappears.

Access and Assignees Tab

Click the Add Access link to add a Service and, if the membership requires it, a Rank. This defaults to configured values but may be modified.


View Membership Invoices

Each membership tile can display its invoices and their statuses:

  1. View a contact's memberships as shown above.
  2. Click anywhere on the membership tile (except the icons) and the system displays a summary together with a list of invoices.

This summary displays the status of the membership’s financial details:

  • Amount: The value of the membership. A membership with an end date will show the total amount. An ongoing membership will only show the amount of the next invoice.
  • Remaining: The outstanding balance of the membership.
  • Monthly: The monthly payment amount.
  • Overdue: The past due amount.

Each invoice shows its status (Completed, Scheduled, Delinquent), the amount, and due date:

Manage Invoices

Use the Actions button to the right of each invoice for quick access to additional functions:

  • Process Now: Immediately process the invoice with a partial or full payment, whether it is early or late.
  • Forfeit: Reduce part or all of the amount due on an invoice. Forfeit is typically used to place an ongoing contact on hold, or to clear out an unpaid delinquent balance. Please also refer to Forfeit an Invoice.
  • Refund Payment: Pay back the invoice in full or in part.

Payments cannot be refunded using an integrated terminal from the membership tile.

  • Chargeback: If a Contact has challenged a credit card payment, click this button to record the negative payment.
  • Check Return: If a Contact’s check (cheque) bounces, click this button to record the negative payment.
  • Receipt: Reprint the receipt.

For organizations located in the US, PerfectMind now integrates with Elavon to simplify the process of paying with a credit card. For organizations in Canada, Perfectmind has integrated with Chase.

TIP: For more information, please refer to the articles about Invoices.

Change an Individual's Membership Expiry Date

You can change the expiry date on a membership by editing the contact's profile:

  1. View a contact's memberships as shown above.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. On the editable membership tile, click the calendar icon to select a different expiry date.
  4. Click Save.

Batch Updating Memberships

There may be times when you want to extend the expiry date of all valid memberships, or of selected membership templates. For example, you may wish to accommodate a facility closure. All memberships that are still valid, meaning not expired, and are Limited by Time or Limited by Time and Class can be batch updated.

  • Hover over the Store tab.
  • Click Manage Membership.
  • Open the membership template.
  • Click Extend Duration

If you wish to only extend the duration of select membership templates, click their check boxes in the list. This will update the expiry date of all active memberships of those select templates.

  • Click Extend Duration.

The Extend Duration popup lets you know that the “Expiry date of selected Membership(s) for all active clients will be extended.”

  • Select whether the interval you wish to set is Days or Months
  • Set the number of days or months by which you would like to extend the expiry date.
  • Provide an Extension Reason.
  • Click Submit.

If the staff member does not have permission to make this change to memberships, a popup will inform them if they attempt it.

Change the Count on a Punch Pass

The count on a punch pass membership decreases automatically when members scan in or when you check them in.

The only way you can manually change the number of passes is by clicking the plus and minus buttons on the punch pass membership tile at the top of the member’s profile.

  1. View a contact's memberships as shown above.
  2. Click the plus or minus button.

By default, all user profiles except for Public and Everyone, is granted permission to punch up or punch down a punch pass membership. These permissions can be changed in Smart Client, under the User Service module.

When you click to decrease the number of passes left on the membership, a popup appears. Click the arrow to increase to take more than one session off of the punch pass.


You cannot increase the count above the maximum originally purchased, and you cannot decrease the count below zero.

Each change triggers a GL posting.

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