Refund an Invoice

After the payment for an invoice has been received, a situation may occur where you need to reverse the payment and refund an invoice, for example, a member was accidentally charged the wrong fee. You can issue a refund to a completed payment on an invoice for a membership, a product, or an event.

This article shows you how to:

Access the Contact's Profile

All transactions that a Contact has made are recorded on their profile page. In order to issue a refund, access a Contact's profile first:

  1. Hover over Contacts.
  2. Click Manage Contacts.
  3. Click the Contact you would like to work with.

In a profile's Transactions section, each transaction will list its own invoice(s). Eligible invoices will display an active Refund button in their Actions menu.

Refund/Reverse Payment on a Membership

Although you can access membership invoices through the Transactions section, you can also access them by clicking the membership itself at the top of the profile page.


NOTE: If you are using an integrated terminal at point of sale, PerfectMind tracks the Station ID when completing tasks within the membership drop down box.

A membership may be structured with a schedule of payment invoices. You can only issue a refund or reverse a payment that has been made when the invoice has been marked as Completed. The invoice status becomes active after a payment is reversed. If an invoice is overdue, the overdue balance appears on the contact's profile. To refund/reverse payment on a membership:

  1. Access the Contact's profile.
  2. Click the membership with the invoice you want to refund.
  3. Hover over Actions at the right of the invoice and click Refund/Reverse Payment.


From here, a payment can either be refunded or reversed:

A payment should be refunded when the amount is to be returned to the customer, by cancelling a service, or when payment for a service is compensated by your organization for other reasons.

A payment should be reversed when a mistake was made and either a different amount is required for payment, or a different payment type is to be used.

A transaction may have been paid by more than one customer. As part of our third-party payment support, when refunding an invoice, the system provides an opportunity to determine how the refund is to be allocated, in order to ensure accurate refunds.

Follow these steps to complete the refund or payment reversal:

  1. Select Payment(s): Check the box beside the individual payment that you wish to alter. The Payment Type, Amount, Payer Name, and Date/Time appear beside each selection.
  2. Choose an Action: Click the button beside Refund Payment or Reverse Payment. This tells the system whether you wish to refund the payment or reverse it, as described above.
  • When Reverse Payment is the chosen action, the payment can only be made to same source as the original payment.
  • When Refund Payment is the chosen action, you must Choose a Refund Method.
    • Choose Same as Payment Method to use the same method of payment that was used to make the original payment.
    • Choose Refund as Credit to add credit to the customer(s)’ client account.

If the customer used a credit card for the original payment, they must provide the same credit card, to refund or reverse that payment. Staff may proceed with the transaction by manually entering the credit card number as well as the expiring date.

When processing a refund, if a credit card is selected as the method of refund, the terminal will provide the token. If the refund is successful, a record is linked to the financial information record.

The system will have created a financial information record, which includes the token data. If an older financial information record is accessed, and a new credit card token is added, the system will either ask if you would prefer to update all current and future transactions with the new information, or use the new information for future transactions only.

  1. Reason for Refund/Cancel: Enter a reason for the refund or reversal of the payment.

The Total Amount of all payments which are about to be refunded or reversed, appears at the bottom of the popup,

  1. Click Continue to proceed with the action.

The customers who are associated with the transaction are listed below, along with the following details:

  • Amount: The amount the payee originally contributed to the transaction payment.
  • Payment Method: Shows the payment method that was used when processing the original transaction.

If a payment was made by subsidy, the notation will include the name of the subsidy.


If a portion of the total to be refunded was paid by subsidy, that portion will be returned to the subsidy allocation. If 100% of the total amount to be refunded was paid by one or more subsidies, you will not be able to select Credit as an option for refund.

Payments that were originally made by a Walk-In, or made by a subsidy can only be refunded to credit.

  • Payment Date: The date of the original payment.
  • Processor: Specifies where the payment was made.
  • Tick the box next to the refund amount to select which parts of the payment are to be refunded.
  • Click Refund at the bottom right.
  • Notification.png

    A Notification popup will appear showing the Payment ID, Amount, Payer, and Refund Method of the refund.

    You can only create third-party payments using POS 2.0. The Payer column will only appear through POS 2.0.

    Regarding Current Location and Station IDs

    Staff might have access to stations in various locations throughout your organization. Whenever a payment record is created, if PerfectMind does not already have this information, staff will be prompted to supply their location and/or their station. The system requires specific location information when a transaction is about to be processed. It requires specific station information when a payment is about to be made. If there is only one location you will not be prompted.

    • Select a location from the drop down list and click Apply.


    If a terminal, such as a bar code scanner or card reader, is connected to a station it will automatically generate Current Station information. If a terminal is not present you will be prompted to provide that detail when a transaction record is being generated.

    • The popup shows buttons for each station within the location.


    If you select No Station, or if you are not assigned to a station, a null value is saved.
    When either of these pieces of information are requested, you can check a box to “Remember this selection until I log out.”

    Manually Change Location/Station

    If you wish to manually change your location or station information:

    • Click Store
    • Click Make a Sale
    • Click the POS Configuration icon and select Set Location/Station.


    • Choose a location from the drop down list or select a station from its drop down list.

    Note: These options will only appear if your organization has multiple locations or stations.

    Refund a Product or Event

    NOTE: To process the return of a product for refund on an invoice with multiple items, please see Process a Returned Product for Refund.

    You need to find the individual invoice for a product or event that you want to refund. Invoices are listed under their transactions on a Contact's profile page:


  1. Access the Contact's profile.
  2. In the sidebar, click Transactions.
  3. Click the transaction you want to work with.
  4. In that transaction, scroll down and open the Invoices section.


  1. At the right of the invoice you want to refund, hover over Actions and click Refund Payment.
  2. Tick the box next to the refund amount.
  3. Click Refund at the bottom right.

Regarding Current Location Information

Current Location information will only be requested when a new payment record is being created. If you are processing a refund, or creating payment records under another pre-existing transaction, this detail will maintain the information that was entered when the original transaction was created.

NOTE: If an invoice contains an event, the notice informs you that refunding the invoice here will not withdraw the attendee from the event. Click the provided link to go to the event page and withdraw from there.

Refunds will be issued by the same payment method as the purchase, for example, if the original payment was made by credit card, the refund will be issued to the same credit card.


The exception is when you wish to turn the refund into a credit. In that case, when processing the refund just select Account Credit as the Refund Method. For more information about credit, please see Extend Credit to Your Members.

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