Manage Facility Maps

Create facility maps and allow your customers and online users to explore your facilities and set up reservations for single and multiple days online.

  1. Under Facilities select Manage Facility Maps.


The list shows a Thumbnail of an existing facility map, the Name of the map, the facility Location associated with the map and a checkbox that shows whether a map is Active.

  1. Click New.


  1. Enter a Name for the map.
  2. Select who should see the map.
  3. Select the associated Location.
  4. Enter a Description.
  5. Check the Active box to make the map accessible.
  6. Select all Amenities that are associated with the location.
  7. Click Browse to select a Map Background image.
  8. The Map Size displays the size of the map background that has been added. This can be edited, which changes the size that is displayed to the customer.

Regarding Image Quality

We recommend that you use the best possible quality of image for your facility map. If your map contains a lot of detail, (i.e, for a campground) we recommend an image quality of 300dpi. For a less detailed map, (i.e, a tennis court) an image quality of 150dpi will suffice.

  1. Select the Pin Size of the pins that will appear on the map.
  2. The Map ID is automatically generated.
  3. Select an image for the map, by clicking Browse, or Webcam. This image will be used for the map listing and will be displayed to the customers.

The map appears at the bottom of the screen. A column beside it shows the Facilities associated with the location.


  1. Click the Add Facilities placeholder to open a list of facilities.
  2. Check to add each facility.
  3. Click the Add Facilities button to confirm adding your selection to the map.

Pins appear on the map. Each is associated with a facility within your location. As you click a pin, its corresponding facility on the left hand list highlights and a popup appears over the pin. When you click a facility in the list on the left, its pin highlights and a popup appears over the pin on the map.


You can zoom in and out of the map by using the "+” and “–“ keys on the screen.

  1. Move the pins to their appropriate location on the map.

As pins are added and moved around the map their location is automatically saved.

Once a map has been created, through the map overview screen, you can see some of the function of the map and check the facility layout without being in full edit mode.

Group Facilities Without the Use of a Map

If you choose to not include a map, you may still use this feature to group your facilities.

  1. Do not specify a Map Background
  2. Click Save
  3. Click Edit
  4. Click Add Facilities to add facilities.

This groups a list of facilities together with an image, description and a listing of amenities. This also allows online customers to view a group of facilities in the listing page and, once selected, allows the user to review, filter and search for availability within that group of facilities without the requirement of a map being presented.

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